Red Sox game!

IMG_9721Pictures are worth so many more words than I am able to produce at this juncture. It was HOT today and me and heat, we don’t get along too well. I am fighting a pretty snazzy migraine, so I will do my best. We had a really great day! The sun was shining, the guys had a nice time, and it was so great to do something with my Dad!


We arrived and everyone was starving, so foot-long hot dogs it was!

Mathew started off the day in a bit of a funk. This was a totally new experience for them. We are used to our local ball field, where Mat can bring his glove and he usually gets a ball. We were high up, surrounded by many, many people. It was pretty overwhelming.

Mat and my Dad were into it! My Dad was telling Mat the score and keeping him updated on all of the things that were happening ❤ I told you it was HOT. These were our second bottles of water, Luke couldn’t get enough.


I have so few pictures of my Dad and I. I love this one 🙂

Just some Red Sox fans walking back to the car. The Red Sox may have lost today, but all in all, today was a win for these guys ❤

Thank you, Dad for driving and parking and EVERYTHING. We love you so much and I am so happy we could share this day with you!

I leave you with this photo: today was a good day.

image (3)


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