g & g II

I have to admit this has been the most peaceful, least anxiety producing visit I have ever had in my adult life. I am not kidding. I hated coming to Worcester, everyone knew it. At one point in my life when I was in a foul mood it was referred to as my ‘Worcester face’. Worcester does not typically bring out the best in me. This has zero to do with my parents and more about me and my own personal experiences here. But, this visit is different…Ego says, “Once everything falls into place, I’ll feel peace.” Spirit says, “Find your peace, and then everything will fall into place.”

I have never felt more peaceful than I do at this time in my life. Everything is great. I look forward to each and every day, I have a constant smile on my face and there is no doubt in my mind that tomorrow will be even better than today ❤ I feel like I am seeing the world through fresh eyes. The guys woke up early this morning and hung out in the living room. I got up with them and fed the dogs and let them out. My Mom got up and helped with the dogs and then allowed me to go back to bed. This was amazing! I snoozed off and on and she made the guys a beautiful breakfast and they were watching a movie when I did finally emerge around 9am. She even made me these amazing pancakes with blackberries from the Cape! So blessed.

I ran to the local Starbucks for coffee with Escobar, because that silly guy loves to go for car rides. It was a really peaceful morning. I left my phone at home, listened to the radio and pet my buddy. I snagged a green juice because I was feeling low on greens and my venti soy mocha. We headed back to my parents and when I was pulling in, both of my guys were out doing yard work with my Dad 🙂 I didn’t have my phone to take a picture, but believe me, it was adorable. My Mom and I were going to go back to school shopping for the guys because savers was having a 50% kids clothes! Win! I was able to pick up a bunch of clothes, a Christmas present for Mathew and some neat art in really expensive frames 🙂 I love shopping with my Mom, we look around for things and then when I lose her, I walk around the store yelling, “Moooom” in the most annoying, lost child kind of way. We also just have a really nice time, we get to catch up and we actually enjoy the others company.

We called my Dad on the way home and he was just headed back to the house from the dump and we would cook up a smallish lunch. We did that and I took the opportunity to see how Escobar would do outside with the other two dogs and he did pretty well…there may be hope for him after all. (when we met him originally, he was completely fine with Butch, but since coming home, he has been a bully) My parents got ready for church with the guys and they headed out. We rarely went to church when I was growing up, except with my Grandma and Papa, and even then, I went because I got a killer breakfast afterwards lol But, whenever the guys are with my parents they go to church and like being spoiled by them, I’d like to think my guys have a nice time at church. My Mom always reports that they are on their best behavior and that many times people compliment them for such well behaved guys ❤

While they were gone I cleaned up the front of my car, in case another human ever sits there. I did a little laundry and I got dinner ready. My Mom got everything together for shepards pie, I did a little of it, and threw it in the oven. It was ready when they returned from church and we all sat to eat. Something you might not know about us; we say grace at every meal we have together. We said grace growing up and when the guys and I sit down to dinner we also say grace together. We hold hands and repeat; ‘God is good, God is great, we thank him for our food, Amen. Bless us, oh Lord for these thy gifts that we are about to receive. From thy bounty through Christ our Lord. Amen.’ Which is immediately followed with, ‘Does anyone have any special prayers?’. This is the time where we give extra thanks for anything amazing in our lives. Most of the time, it is that we are all together having this beautiful meal. When I was growing up, it could have been, ‘Ruth did really great at her swim meet’, ‘Sara made honor roll’. If there are new people at the table, we give thanks for their presence with us. It is a really beautiful thing. I may not be super religious, but this is one of those things I want to do. We should always give thanks for the food we have and the people we get to share it with. When I am on my own or in a crowd I always do it silently ❤

After dinner we all just relaxed. Mathew wanted to watch space(Star Trek TNG), so we watched a few episodes. Luke and my Dad watched the world go by: IMG_9703

Mat played a new card game he got for his birthday, my Mom and I cleaned up a little and now Luke and I are watching Coraline. I cannot believe he is still awake. I just want to watch V for Vendetta and chill. Mathew is beyond excited for the Red Sox game tomorrow and I have to admit, I am really looking forward to it. We are going to drive in, as opposed to the train(thank you, Dad for understanding my anxiety 🙂 ) It is a 1:30pm game and we have the potential to get home at a decent hour. I am going to do my very best to take so many pictures! The guys have their Red Sox gear ready to go and I have some CBD oil 😉 I will leave you with a photo of this little bully. When he rides in the car with me, I refer to him as Bird. He perches himself on the center console to await my arrival if I run in to a store really quickly. He has been living it up at my parents and it is really cute. IMG_9700




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