who is your superhero?

Obviously, I love my guys for so many of the same reasons and so many different reasons. I love that Luke is almost always happy, he has greeted the day with joyous song ever since day one. Luke is like Buddha, if you Google, ‘Can a person become a Buddha?’ here is the response:

This person can help others become enlightened too in a proper way. There are ideas which are said to lead someone to enlightenment. They are called the Dharma, meaning the way or the truth. Anyone can become a Buddha, it is said, but it is very hard.

I don’t want to get all woo-woo on you, but I believe that Luke is enlightened. His patience and compassion and wise eyes tell you something more is going on there.

I love that Mathew is always yearning for more! More knowledge, more independence, more playing ball! He is tenacious. It is like he knows how awesome it is to be alive and he does not want to squander it, ever. Mathew is a text book superhero. Quick like lighting, ready to go at a moments notice and so, so kind. Saving the world one scraped knee at a time 😉

Yesterdays blog left me in a funk. I wanted today’s to leave me in awe of these guys and what they are bringing to this world. I am in awe of them every single day and I hope you have been able to feel that.

Here is Mathew at work:


2009: here is Luke, much younger, taking some space at our very first Special Olympics event(I was still fostering him…or maybe not even yet, this could have been a weekend visit) I call this The Meditation Walk:

the way it used to be 030 (2)

I had many more photos to share, but I cannot find where I saved them…bleh. I will leave you with this last one. This week was superhero week at Mat’s camp and I took this picture to share that he got an award and medal for something. When I looked more closely I realized it was for me. All good parents deserve an award like this, so I share it with you amazing parents out there, killing it day in and day out. You know who you are! Mom & Dad! You are definitely in the running for best 😉



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