the best of both worlds

Every day I find new things to be grateful for and I hope this never stops. I am blessed beyond belief. BBB ha! When people have kids I am sure they wonder what they are going to be when they grow up, what kinds of things they will like, will they be sporty spice or posh spice…I mean, these are the questions I ask myself. 😉 The answer to these questions is that Mat is sporty spice and Luke is posh spice and I freaking love it!

Luke reminds me of Kurt from Glee. He is a diva in his own right. He randomly puts my dresses on and heels, often times grabbing a purse. Luke rocks this look, he owns it. He LOVES singing, theater and anything artistic. He will ask you to stop singing if you are off-key, but if you can really sing, he is your best audience.  He wants to be the center of attention whenever he can. If we are at a wedding or any party where there is dancing, Luke is literally in the middle of the dance floor and people are all around him. His smile takes up his entire face and he is in his glory.

We try to go to at least 3 theater productions a year. It doesn’t matter what it is, Luke is enthralled. Last Christmas, we went to see A Christmas Carol done by a local group and it was just ok, but for Luke it was so much more! At the end, he stood up and was laughing and clapping and screaming(joyfully) so loud that the guy called him out. I let him express how happy he is, never try to dull someones light. We got tickets to see Little Shop of Horrors, which is one of Lukes favorite performances. I bought tickets as far away from people as possible, because I knew he was going to be super excited. We got there and the people were so happy to tell us we got bumped to better seats…I was probably the only one is history to dread that. We tried it…lasted 6 minutes before people were shushing us and telling us to be quiet and giving us the dirtiest looks ever. I didn’t want to ruin other peoples experience, but give me a break! Luke was happy and excited and I don’t know how you can try to shut that up…it wasn’t a Broadway show people! We eventually moved to the seats I originally purchased and all was well with the world.

Luke also loves all things spooky. Halloween and Christmas are his favorite holidays and ANYTHING by Tim Burton is for Luke. He is in love with Coraline, wants to watch Corpse Bride and Nightmare Before Christmas all the time. I really hope that Luke will stay awake late enough one year so I can take him to see Rocky Horror Picture Show…I think he would die from excitement! Luke (and Mathew) love most Disney/Pixar movies and can talk about them all day. Luke loves to read and be read to. He can also sing a mean country song called ‘Lover, Lover’. I recently started listening to country music in the car with the guys and it was impressive how they started singing along. Country music is slower and you can understand the words, so both of the guys can be heard singing along in the car and I love that. I don’t super care for country music, but if it means I get to hear my guys sing, I love it.

Mathew is pretty much the opposite of Luke. Mat loves all things sports. If it is a sport, he wants to play it or watch it. Mat is the reason I got the season tickets to the baseball games last year and it was worth it. LCC has been an amazing place for Mat because he can play all sorts of sports there. They even had a hockey club and Mat was really good. I got him his own hockey stick for Christmas and he loved every second of it. I want to bring him to some local games this year! Mat will play ball all day and never get tired of it. He has the energy and the skill for it. People constantly comment on how good he is, and he really is. His hand/eye coordination is incredible. Mat is a ‘mans man’. He loves my Dad, Gramps. My Dad does his lottery and Mat goes with him. He helps him with the yard work and working on stuff around the house. It is a beautiful thing. Mathew is also a complete card shark. He can play cards all day if he had the choice. I wonder what he would do if he had to choose between cards and baseball?? Mat loves board games, with Sequence being an all time favorite. He cheats like no ones business, but I call him out on it all the time haha. He also really loves to draw. He loves water colors and oil based crayons. Mathew is really creative when it comes to art projects and I hang them all over the house.

I feel like this is kind of odd to be good at, but Mat is really great at being a foster brother. He asked that we foster babies this time around and we have fostered a few. Mathew is very helpful and I think it is super important for him to be able to show and teach a smaller human how to navigate this house and this world. I think every time we foster, Mathew grows an inch and learns so much. It always comes with ups and downs, but for the most part, Mathew does wonderfully. I have already told you that he is a caregiver at heart and he is with animals and humans alike. He is nurturing, kind, patient and has a wicked sense of humor. This kid.

They both love riding their bikes, and honestly, spending time as a family. We stack wood together and we all have our own gloves. We go to the CSA and pick up our share every week. We go grocery shopping together and meal plan, laundromat, taking care of the animals… You know, I never dread doing anything with these guys. I know we will have a blast no matter what it is and they are willing to try new things! We went zip lining just the other month and I definitely didn’t think Mat would do it, but he did and he was so amazing! I want them to experience everything that life has to offer and most likely I will not say no to trying something out. I want them to be happy, feel comfortable with who they are and know that they are safe with me to try it all!


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