could this be more interactive?

It is the 24th day of writing in this blog, I guess 23 since I missed a day. I have all these ideas for how I will finish out the month, but just in the last five minutes I thought to myself…I wonder if people have questions? Wondering about adopting? About Fragile X specifically? About anything that I have written about that sparked a ‘tell me more about that’ feeling? I looked at this blog through the eyes of a reader and thought about how many adventures I have had with these guys.

From moving to MA with Luke, traveling to the Fragile X conference in Detroit with my Mom and Luke, going to FL for Christmas to be with my sister, going to FL again for my sisters wedding and Mathew almost drowned. Let’s talk about that for a moment. So, I was still fostering Mathew and they allowed me to bring him to FL for my sisters wedding. Great! She rented this big fancy house on the water with a pool. So, all the adults are hanging out drinking more than we should have been and having a grand old time. I forget if they told me Mathew could swim or not, but he wasn’t really interested in going in and I didn’t want to push it, so I let him be. Luke is a happy swimmer, so he does his own thing. I will set the scene:

Beautiful day in gross FL and there are 30+ adults hanging poolside. Everyone is drinking and having a gay old time. Kids are running around, there is music in the background and myself and others are in the hot tub(in FL…that is stupid). I do know that my Mom and Dad were sitting close by and we were laughing and such. All of a sudden my Dad takes off like a rocket and is swimming like an olympian towards the other end of the pool. It is not a really large pool, but it felt like it in that moment. He gets to the end and pulls Mathew out of the pool. His face was blue and he was coughing, thank goodness. He coughed a good amount and everything got quiet. Holy hell. Had my Dad not looked over in that moment, things might have turned out differently. I was in shock. There were SO MANY people around, yet no one heard or saw a thing, except my Dad. That is probably the most terrifying thing about kids who drown…it happens so quickly and it is completely silent. My Dad is my hero, for this and many, many other reasons. Needless to say, Mathew really did stay away from the water for a long time. He definitely loves the water now, but is much more cautious. Well, that was one adventure.

We have had many adventures camping, there isn’t one that sticks out as the most adventurous, but I do have my favorite park. Bash Bish Falls in Copake, NY is for me. It has this really great bike trail, a deep swimming hole for people who can swim that also feeds a smaller, more shallow area for kids. The little country store is adorable and sells all of the gross things you eat/drink while camping. The weekend we try to go is Copake Falls Day! It is just everything I love about this part of NY. There is a small parade, church tag sales, a BBQ and live music and even fireworks…I love it there.

I feel like we laid low after the FL vacations we had taken(3-4 years), until this past summer. My Mom, Dad, the guys and I went on a Disney cruise. Now, don’t even get me started on how we are ABSOLUTELY NOT a Disney family. But I will say, for the guys, this was a really neat vacation. It is a cruise, so you are almost totally safe and would have a really hard time getting lost. All you can eat food, because it is Disney, there are Disney movies playing 24/7. We happened upon ‘pirate week’, which was pretty cool for my guys. My parents got a cabin directly next to us and we had balconies. We had a lovely dinner every night with another family who tried to talk to Mathew all the time lol

There was a water slide on the boat, actually two. My Mom and I took the guys up the first time. Luke was with me and Mat was with my Mom. Mat was a little nervous, but he did it and when it was over, he was over it. Luke screamed and scratched me and tried to bite me, when it was over he jumped up and wanted to go again! So, we did. Mat decided that he was better off on the little kid water slide, it was a little safer and you could slide down on your body as opposed to a tube. The smile on his face was brighter than any sun. Luke could not get enough of the big water slide and wanted to be on it at all times. On our last night, the lady who was working there and saw Luke freak out and then want to go again, brought him an award for the most brave tuber…so stupid adorable.

We did get off the boat one day to go to the island that Disney made…I forget the name now, but that isn’t super important. That day, we floated around in the ocean, watched a wedding, ate some really good food and sadly, watched someone die…I mean, we didn’t actually see the person die, but there was an emergency and we saw the vehicles and people running around. From what I understand a person had a heart attack and didn’t make it. I cannot imagine.

I was so blessed to be able to bring my guys on a proper family vacation and even more blessed to have my parents with me. I forget if I was a basket-case on this vacation, so Mom & Dad, I am sorry if I was. Please know that I had such an amazing time with you guys and I know Luke & Mat did too. This was hands down, one of my most favorite vacations ever. I am so glad we all got to share this experience together. We love you so unbelievably much! One of my favorite parts of this vacation was that they take pictures at the dinners and all over. They cost a fortune, but since my family was never good and is still not good about capturing moments with pictures we bought them. My Mom even had one blown up of all of us, it is actually a good one, and she gave it to us for Christmas this year. It hangs in our living room and every day I look at it and smile.

We don’t have much planned until Christmas 2018, when we are going to Hawaii!!!! I am pretty thrilled about this.

This summer has been busier than expected. Between foster kids and foster dogs, our weekends have been go-go-go. Trying to plan things is a challenge. But there is time that I am taking off, when the guys don’t have camp and school hasn’t started yet. I am hopeful that our new foster pup will have found a permanent home by then, because juggling 3 dogs is a bit much, not to mention Escobar is kind of being a bully to Butch…we are working on it. This was my second summer alone out here and I am getting a better feel for it, to be more prepared for next summer. Also, come November 26th, I will have already booked the majority of our camping trips, NY look out!

I hope you had a great adventure today, because everyday is one! Thanks!



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